#189; FiiL — Well, I’m Trying

I’ve been a bit on the stressed side lately. Between politics, the move, re-starting a new/old relationship, an awful cold, and trying to get healthy, I haven’t had much in the way of a good nights sleep (which apparently lowers our ability to make good decisions, only adding to stress!). And so, as always, I’m here with my Friday, I’m in Love in an attempt to cheer myself up.

1st thing I’m loving today? Strangers in elevators. And no, I’m not talking Areosmith’s kind of loving, but the kind of friendly interaction that happens over the course of 45 seconds or so. This morning, I must have seemed pretty down because just before we hit my floor in my office building, the only other occupant of the elevator stepped foward and said “You know, it’s Friday.” When I snapped my attention to him he smiled brightly and said “That means you can smile if you like,” and I laughed a little bit, asking him if I really looked that miserable. He said yes, I did. So I smiled for a moment, and it felt nice to just forget the stress and the bad dreams and the sore throat for a second or two before beginning my workday.

2nd thing? The HuffingtonPost. It has gotten me through this very long week. ‘Nough said.

Thing the 3rd: Adorableness on the Internets. Because sometimes you’re just seriously in need of cuddly things and the dogs and cats that live in your house won’t give you the time of day.

I’d say if, considering the week I’ve had (which came to a head last night – had nightmares all night about animal rights activists taking over my house – it was quite a violent coup, too) I can come up with three things are cheering me up and getting me to 5 o’clock, then I’m doing alright. So tell me, where do you go when you need a guarenteed pick-me-up? What are your coping mechanisms for stress? I’d love to add to my list with any suggestions!

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