#159; words to live by

This? This is what makes life all that it is. Life is not good. It is not for the weak of heart, nor the dramatic; or even those who feel that life is all peaches and cherries! You know what? Life has some sardines, too… And until you realize that all of the parking tickets, bad hair days, low grades, pink slips, break ups, car accidents, power outages, tears… For all of that? As long as you know you’re allowed to enjoy moments of complete aloneness, complete contentment within yourself – than all the heartache in the world is worth it, if you can hack it. That’s all that matters, knowing you can handle it until your next pot of gold, until that next gorgeous display of color and emotion that sends you singing into the shower, spinning in a feild during a lightning storm, racing towards a friend for a good morning hug… It’s nights of cold rain and humid air that make life beautiful.

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