#106; we’d be so less fragile with 3 wishes

If you had three wishes, what would they be?

  • My first would be that I learned the power of contentment at a young age. That my ambition hadn’t been vague and insatiable. I would love to live the sort of life that never had a Limbo; one in which I was simply happy with books and family and friends. As it is, I find myself always reaching for something else, whether “better” or “more” isn’t usually the matter, it’s just… Something else. Always. You never know what’s behind door #2 and I always want to know.
  • My second would be the power to recognize and stand up against pretension. I am not someone who stands up for myself, particularly when it comes to condescension. This has caused me more psychological damage over the years than anything else – if someone thinks they’re better than me, I’ll just accept that. I’ll do what I’m told because obviously that person knows better. This has been the hallmark of nearly every romantic relationship I’ve had (with … two? exceptions, and those were the healthy, wonderful relationships and sadly short lived), has twisted my connection with my extended family (my parents and brother’s family and such are so not part of this rant; they are amazing and I love them to bits and wouldn’t know a high horse if one stepped on their foot!), has caused me to stay in completely toxic friendships with people I don’t even like all that much over the years. I wish that I could go back to a ten year old me and teach her about the douche-bags of the world, and tell her that she doesn’t have to take it. Learning that lesson after years of false belief is so incredibly hard.
  • Lastly, I think I’d save my third. By the time I got to it, I’d be comfortable and confident, and would want it for a rainy day. Like the song says (The Pierces, by the way, are possibly my favorite duo ever), no matter how confident or complete you feel – someone else can always come along and change that reality for you. On those days, you want a wish in your back pocket. So I think I’d save it, unless maybe it were possible to wish Jude Law falling madly, faithfully in love with me.


So, what would you wish for? Anything in the world, any lesson you’d need to learn, any place you’d want to be.

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