#180; 102%

The last month has been one of immense change for me. I’d say the last month eclipses even last year, when 2010 saw me kissing myself and my life goodbye in ways I never thought I was strong enough to. But when I think about the last month, I feel pride and a bittersweet sadness.... Continue Reading →

#179; in a post-limbo world?

I have asked this question many times, but today it hits me harder than any recent curiosity could. What does one do post-Limbo? Is it a choice between Heaven and Hell as the religious would have us believe? I wrote a loose definition of Limbowhen I founded this website, meant to be an open space for me and... Continue Reading →

#178; the day has come

This time tomorrow, I’ll be in Boston. I’m sure the reality of this will settle in after 16+ hours on the highway, as my parents and I are moving my boxes and furniture into my new basement at 2am, in the slush, in the cold. By the way – massive shout out to Mom and... Continue Reading →

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