#237; the first road trip

Happy Thanksgiving, inhabitants of Limbo! I hope the weather around here treated you well for the holiday, and all your turkey-cravings, family-traditions, and Black Friday-binges were fulfilled! I spent most of my time off on the road, braving the east coast storms to drive from Boston to my parents’ place in Myrtle Beach. I hadn’tContinue reading “#237; the first road trip”

#219; Friday I’m in Love…

…with getting the hell outta town. Work has me stressed & ulcer-y and all this doom & gloom cold summer weather has me feeling exhausted & cynical. I clearly need out before I start assuming it’s not just work & weather, but Boston that’s bringing me down.

#215; in gratitude

In November, I wrote a list out of things I was grateful for, from the small to the profound, and I find that it’s a wonderful way to boost your confidence in the everyday. This list included the phrase: “Knowing that Boston still stands & I can always go home.” I have a bad habit of mentallyContinue reading “#215; in gratitude”

#137; time to think

I love being on the road. This seems to a theme lately, I know, but I am once again comfortable on my parents’ couch, having decided last night to take my two days off from the bar and visit the beach. I think I’ve figured out what I enjoy so much about these little sojourns,Continue reading “#137; time to think”

#126; fact or fiction?

A question for the writers out there — how much fact do you include in your fiction? It’s one thing to change the names and dates to protect the innocent, but… I’m writing a piece right now that I truly love. It’s prose that moves fluidly into poetry, language that is really getting at whatContinue reading “#126; fact or fiction?”

#086; it’s been a few fridays since I’ve been in love

I’ve skipped nearly a month’s worth of Friday I’m in Love entries! Blog Fail, I know. But I’m back with possibly the best Friday I’m in Love ever. Wanna know why? Because people are charitable and awesome, and I’m going to The Happiest Place on Earth. First up… IOTA‘s Haiti Benefit for the Red Cross. This showcaseContinue reading “#086; it’s been a few fridays since I’ve been in love”