#203; the thinking gal’s Gossip Girl

After my recent discovery of the charming acting persona that is Penn Badgely (thanks to a surprise viewing of Easy A), I went looking for more of his work and found a show called The Bedford Diaries. It is awesome. I found all 8 episodes (I truly cannot believe they canceled it!) and I love just about everything aboutContinue reading “#203; the thinking gal’s Gossip Girl”

#199; when I rule TV

I have been so utterly in love with this meme for the last week or so, having been given this assignment of sorts from a fellow blogger. After finishing this one, I was given three more prompts, which are in the works. It’s quite the long/photo-heavy post compared to my normal work, so bear withContinue reading “#199; when I rule TV”

#197; Taste of the Week Nº8 – Seth Meyers

On top of just being incredibly easy on the eyes (do you see that smile?!), SNL’s front man Seth Meyers is – needless to say – one of the funniest celebs out there. He’s also – if his White House Correspondents Dinner schtick has anything to say about it – completely brilliant and down to earth, as wellContinue reading “#197; Taste of the Week Nº8 – Seth Meyers”

#186; Battle of the cartoon dads

In a truly quick hit (because it’s still Monday morning) I wanted to point out something that’s been gnawing at me lately. I’m a big fan – honestly, most people in their mid t0 late twenties seem to be – of Family Guy, The Simpsons, South Park, American Dad… The dysfunctional family cartoons that we ‘grewContinue reading “#186; Battle of the cartoon dads”

#165; Taste of the Week Nº6 – Spencer Grammer

Is there a better comedy pedigree out there than being the daughter of Kelsey Grammer? On top of her awesome timing, slapstick sense of humor, and subtle dash of sensuality, Spencer Grammer (your 6th Taste of the Week) is just plain gorgeous! I can’t be more pleased that her show – Greek, on ABCFamily – is finally back for it’sContinue reading “#165; Taste of the Week Nº6 – Spencer Grammer”

#164; we all obsess

We all obsess. Religion, philosophy, Harry Potter, vampires, beer, tv shows, fashion, music, books, words, favorite foods, language, politics, technology, iPhones, webcomics, sports… My obsessions these days involve the Republican Party (it’s that time of year, CPAC takes over my brain!), writing (2011 will be the year of MFA applications, by the way), and music (has thisContinue reading “#164; we all obsess”