#336; moved to the beach

A few weeks ago, I alluded to a big change coming in my life. Well, it’s happened now. I’ve packed my bags, quit my job, and moved to the beach. Specifically, Myrtle Beach. My time in Boston was incredible – I have a very complicated relationship with that city – but it was time forContinue reading “#336; moved to the beach”

#335; 2015 in music.

  Every year, I put together a ‘best of’ post in December, highlighting my favorite albums from the previous year. This year, I’d like to do something a little bit different (and a little bit late, clearly). I’ve looked through both my Spotify and my last.fm accounts and have come up with the albums IContinue reading “#335; 2015 in music.”

#333; thoughts on Spring

It’s sort of starting to feel like Spring here in Boston. Spring always makes me miss Washington, DC, though. I left the District in June of 2010 after almost ten years there and days like today – weather in the fifties, going to a friend’s house to watch the baseball game and celebrate my boyfriend’s 31stContinue reading “#333; thoughts on Spring”

#332; thawing out

false starts, re-sets, and figuring yourself out along the way Boston seems to be finally thawing out. This winter was brutal. Short, but brutal nonetheless. Of course we’ve had snow the last two days as I write this, but at least I can see my sidewalk (almost entirely) again. For most of February and March,Continue reading “#332; thawing out”

#331; 2015 is The Year

Today’s guest post is written by Kat of Chef on a Diet; Kat is a food blogger, chef, and entrepreneur in Brighton. Check her out at: chefondiet.blogspot.com. As the title suggests, 2015 is the year Tina and I get our shit together. 2014 was a bust in many ways, so let’s just pretend it didn’tContinue reading “#331; 2015 is The Year”