№323 ❛my 2018 – #amlistening❜

Get ready for your annual dose of cracky pop and country crooner music! This year, like most, I spent a lot of time using music to elevate my mood. It’s always been a coping mechanism for me, using music to help get myself back Up! when I’m Down, and this year was no different. IContinue reading “№323 ❛my 2018 – #amlistening❜”

№322 ❛where the hell did 2018 go?❜

No, seriously, have you seen any of the last twelve months? Because I for sure misplaced the last year of my life. I may have forgotten or sped by many wonderful days here in 2018 (who would have known we’d have invented time travel by now and not even realize we did it?), I doContinue reading “№322 ❛where the hell did 2018 go?❜”

№318 ❛find what you love and let it kill you❜

The more things change, the more they stay the same… • You are not at all surprised to learn that not long after I last wrote all about how fabulously happy I was at Rue21 (and I was, I really was!), I left that solid, stable, drama-free corporate paradise to return to Suck Bang Blow, theContinue reading “№318 ❛find what you love and let it kill you❜”

№317 ❛there goes January❜

Excited to try a cross-post here at atlimbo.net with a guest post from my roommate and bestie Kat. She’s writing more than ever at katmeagher.com these days, so be sure to check out her fiction & personal essays online once you’ve enjoyed her confessional update here. ~Tina How is it already February? I feel like it was just yesterday IContinue reading “№317 ❛there goes January❜”