#309; going straight to the Wild West

So excited to be joining Young Democrats from all over the country (last count? 45 states + DC & PR were represented!) in San Antonio, TX for a weekend of trainings, networking, and general awesomeness. I’m flying tonight, heading straight to Logan from my office in Copley, connecting in Atlanta, landing in Austin & then... Continue Reading →

#307; summertime in the city

As we approach my favorite holiday of the year (Fourth of July, of course), I took a moment today to catch up on “real life” work and realized suddenly that this summer has been much busier than most. It helps that in Massachusetts the campaign cycle seems to never end, but I’ve been happy to... Continue Reading →

#296; Progressive MA conf 2013 (#2)

Newton, MA — Education and the “Whole Child”. Walking into the education panel, I stopped to asked moderator and candidate for Boston City Council Suzanne Lee a quick question. “Hey hon, are you all gonna touch on mental health in the classroom in the panel just now?” I was told the panelists – MTA President... Continue Reading →

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