(305) What’s next?

If you've been asking yourself "what's next?" since the Presidential Election (and I don't blame you if haven't - we've all needed to grieve and move on in our own ways)  - here's a list of orgs that could use your time, your network, and your money: - NAACP & NAACP Legal Defense Fund -... Continue Reading →

#328; one month until #MApoli’s Primaries

We here in Massachusetts are a lucky bunch. We have an incredible group of talented, passionate, liberal professionals running for our state offices this year. I do, however, have to make a choice about who I’m supporting. Next month is the Massachusetts state Primaries, s such, I’m proud to discuss which campaigns and candidates I’m... Continue Reading →

#315; 2013 & Me

Christmas is days away, and then a new year comes to town with all of its promise and excitement. This time of year is always nice (despite my Grinchy tendencies) with families coming together, long distance friends reaching out, and so many of us taking the time to express our gratitude and count our blessings.... Continue Reading →

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