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Get ready for your annual dose of cracky pop and country crooner music! This year, like most, I spent a lot of time using music to elevate my mood. It’s always been a coping mechanism for me, using music to help get myself back Up! when I’m Down, and this year was no different. I truly feel that coping mechanisms are one of the most important pieces of self-treatment when it comes to mental health and I’ve always been very lucky that the media I consume can have a very soothing effect on me. Without further ado, my favorites from 2018:

Favorite Album: CAMILA CABELLO; Camila.

While I’m a massive pop fan, I’ve never been much for the overly-produced girl groups and boy bands. I had never heard of Camila Cabello until “Never Be the Same” came out early this year. I had heard “Havana” but had no idea who sang and it no real desire to find out. It was a fun song on the radio and that was that. But then her second single dropped and I was obsessed. I immediately bought the single and listened to it non-stop. It didn’t occur to me to check out the album, because I had never heard the music of Fifth Harmony and didn’t have any idea what the rest of her sound might be like. Then “Consequences” came out, and I was sold. I got the album right away and it’s been on a loop in my life to rival Taylor Swift’s “1989”. Other than maybe “Consequences (Orchestra)”, I don’t believe I can pick a favorite track. If you like pop music, heartfelt ballads, serious club jams, and even some beautifully done classic remakes – you must check out this album even if you’re not into pop, have no clue who Fifth Harmony was, and/or have never seen an episode of The X-Factor (which I haven’t).

Top Albums:

P!NK; Beautiful Trauma (2017), MUMFORD & SONS; Delta (2018), MAROON 5; Red Pill Blues (2017), LIN MANUEL MIRANDA; Hamilton: An American Musical OBC (2015).

Top Singles:

JORDAN DAVIS; Single You Up, SCOTTY MCCREERY; Five More Minutes, HALSEY; Bad at Love, EMINEM & ED SHEERAN; River, MAROON 5 & SZA; What Lovers Do, PINK; What About Us, DEMI LOVATO; Tell Me You Love Me, BEBE REXHA & FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE; Meant to BeGRANGER SMITH; Happens Like That, MITCHELL TENPENNY; Drunk Me, KANE BROWN; What Ifs, SAM HUNT; Downtown’s Dead, DEMI LOVATO; Ruin the Friendship, BRETT YOUNG; Mercy, MACKLEMORE/KESHA; Good Old Days, SELENA GOMEZ; Back To You, DYLAN SCOTT; Hooked, PANIC! AT THE DISCO; High Hopes, and KYGO & MIGUEL; Remind Me To Forget.

Top Spotify Playlists:

STAR WARS; ReySTAR WARS; Anakin SkywalkerSTAR WARS; Cassian Andor, ADAMLANDRYWRITES; Tori/Jonathan, ATLIMBO; Grace & Ari, and My Top 2018 Songs by Spotify.

What were your soundtracks like this year? What albums should I definitely be checking out? I’m almost entirely listening to pop and country radio these years (loving the trend of country crossovers!) – am I missing anything fantastic in punk, alternative, or hip hop? I will admit I haven’t even dipped a toe into Soundcloud and the like – I’ve been exposed to trap music thanks to friends in the area who listen to it, but it’s not my cup of tea, but am I wrong?

What’s your out-of-left-field favorite this year? Anyone else incredibly grateful for artists still doing their thing years into their careers?

Let me know what you’re into as we head into the new year and I may just need to expand my horizons!

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