(312) ❝ T-Minus 24-hours ❞

We’re a day out from Nanowrimo! We’ve already had a fabulous meet and greet/wind up event here in Myrtle Beach (hosted by our local public library), and my outline is ready to go! I am definitely itching to get started, and have spent the last week trying to keep my typing fingers busy so as not to start before the midnight kick off tomorrow. As such, I’ve been crocheting, cooking, deep cleaning our flat (which I’m sure has been driving my roommate up the wall! Is it not normal to vacuum multiple days in a row?!), and obsessing over my novel blog at Me & You.

Of course, none of this has calmed my anxiety and excitement about the 1st. I liken the week before Nanowrimo to the days leading up to Christmas – I’m not a holiday person, but there are a few strange seasons that find me fully in the spirit; National Novel Writing Month being the best of them, if you ask me. I’ve already warned my coworkers, and they’re fully supportive, despite never having heard of the event until I explained my pending craze.

In preparation of the non-writing/obsessive sort, I spent my day off today cleaning out my space – I took a full trunk of donations to the Goodwill, did a nice deep clean of the fridge, and organized my writing corner (for maximum comfort, mostly). I spent a good two hours at multiple grocery stores (with coupons! I’ve become that person!) doing my best to keep to my Nano snacking budget as I did my grocery shopping for the coming two weeks. It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day here, and so I have to say with crisp air and bright sunshine, running around doing my errands was far less of a chore than usual.

I leave you with the words of my 2017 main character, Manda Connor, a quote that has me inspired and very ready to take on the coming rolling coaster that is 50,000 words in 30 days. And hey, if November really gets me going, I can always sleep in December – right? That’s it from me tonight, welcome to Nanowrimo 2017, where “the only thing stranger than fiction, is the truth…”


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