(311) ❝Tis the Season!❞

It’s that wonderful time of year! Yes, that’s write, it’s nearly National Novel Writing Month! Here’s a taste of what I’ve got cooking up for 2017, and you can follow along for the whole crazy 50,000 words at Me & You, a side-project blog I’ve started to keep me busy till midnight on the 1st.

Manda Connor is our somewhat bruised and battered heroine. She believed in true love, the kind that couples in their 80’s brag about. She had met her true love, and had lived a fairy tale with him. For ten years, almost. And then suddenly he thought she should really be watching what she eats, and he didn’t want to bring her around his family anymore, and he started working really late nights, and he was embarrassed when she introduced herself (she’s just a marketing associate, after all) to his industry colleagues, despite them working in the same industry (and, arguably, she being more successful in it than he).

And so Manda moved onto the couch in her best friend’s studio apartment, and kept her head down, and absolutely did not date. Part of her hoped Daniel would change his mind, that he’d suffered from familiar pressure and work stress and that this was all just a phase. They’d been together since college, her entire 20’s, after all. He would come around, of course he would.

But now it’s been a year, and London worries about her more than she’ll admit. And Manda’s Boss has a new assignment for her – she has to learn all the ins and outs of Tinder – this assignment is essentially Manda’s worst nightmare. But she joins forces with London and her Tinder profile suddenly burns up the L.A. dating scene. How to make lemonade out of a lot of sour dates? Well, start an anonymous blog, of course.

Mandy chronicles her rapid-fire dating for two months, from karaoke gone bad to celebrity run-ins, and misogynists to an unfortunate run-in with her ex’s cousin! Will she come out of it in love? Or just further convinced that she shouldn’t bother? And what will all these paramours think of her creative license? Welcome to Hollywood, where the only thing stranger than fiction, is the truth…

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