(310) ❝It’s time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello…❞

Hello to a new adventure…

(☆) Summer is changing to fall here in paradise. Myrtle Beach does have an autumn, even if our palmetto trees don’t turn burnt orange and we don’t have nearly as much raking to do as y’all in New England. With fall comes hurricanes (oh, hey Irma), hoodie weather late nights, and the same exciting scent of transition on the air. This year, for me, it marks a big change in particular.

(☆) In August, I gave my notice at SBB. I loved my time as Retail Manager of the biggest burnout biker bar on the east coast, I learned so much and worked with some incredible people, but when you realize it’s time to move on, all you can do is act. My co-workers at SBB were happy for me but also thought maybe I’d leapt before looking down – I gave my three weeks’ notice without a plan. Without a job. Without a safety net. But honestly? That’s kind of always been my MO.

(☆) When I moved to South Carolina, after 5 years in Boston working in campaigns and restaurants, I had no plan. I had a very small savings and a very excited mother (this past year and a half has been the first time in well over a decade that we’ve lived in the same sip code). I had a best friend who also did not have a plan, but who agreed to come with me and start completely over anyway. We jumped without looking. And it worked. It’s always just seemed to work.

© instagram.com/rue21official
© instagram.com/rue21official

(☆) Cappie (played by Scott Michael Foster), of ABC Family’s Greek, called it “karmic synergy” – and it seems crazy to those who don’t prescribe to the belief, I know! But it works.

(☆) This time, it’s definitely worked, yet again, in my favor. I’m starting at a new company here in Myrtle come next week. I’ve had a relaxing, productive two weeks off between jobs (after training my replacement at SBB, of course!) and after a weekend out of town with family (for the #CarrieMarriesGarry wedding) I’ll be jumping right in.

(☆) All this is to say – sometimes, when that wind of change blows through your beach haven, you gotta go with it, and keep the faith that it’ll work out. Because when it does? Man, is it a beautiful thing.


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