(306) MusicMonday (a year in sound)

Here it is, as always, my Best of Music 2016 post. You knew it was coming. I am by no means an expert in music, in any genre, in composition or technique. Most music nerds probably think I have terrible taste in music, if I’m honest with myself. I love pop, I love Broadway, I loveContinue reading “(306) MusicMonday (a year in sound)”

(305) What’s next?

If you’ve been asking yourself “what’s next?” since the Presidential Election (and I don’t blame you if haven’t – we’ve all needed to grieve and move on in our own ways)  – here’s a list of orgs that could use your time, your network, and your money: – NAACP & NAACP Legal Defense Fund –Continue reading “(305) What’s next?”

(304) ThrowbackThursday

Going the poetry route for my first #ThrowbackThursday, as I recently joined a local writers group and we spent a good deal of our meeting (other than catching up and drinking too much wine) talking old poems. Untitled (September 23rd 2004) As if cigarettes burned blue that sad, murderous ash glows in you. (unknown date.)Continue reading “(304) ThrowbackThursday”