(301) MusicMonday (“Closer”)

I’ve decided my first ‘featured’ weekly column here at atlimbo.com will be #MusicMonday, because I’m creative and hip like that. Mostly it’s because I wanted to highlight this beautifully simple cover of The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” by Conor Maynard and Alexa Goddard. It’s just a must-listen. (Also: How lovely is Alexa? Made even more so by herContinue reading “(301) MusicMonday (“Closer”)”

(300) bless your heart

It’s true: I packed my bags, quit my job, and moved to the beach. Specifically, Myrtle Beach. My time in Boston was incredible – I have a very complicated relationship with that city – but it was time for it to end. I moved to Boston for idealistic, romantic reasons, and I’m grateful to haveContinue reading “(300) bless your heart”