#294; Progressive MA conf 2013

Newton MA — Today I’m attending the 1st Annual Conference of Progressives MA. As we’re finishing up the first morning panels, I’m struck by how incredible moments like this are in the life of an activist. I’ve spent the morning talking up my concerns about the mental health system here in Massachusetts, after my experienceContinue reading “#294; Progressive MA conf 2013”

#292; The Glass Menagerie at A.R.T.

I had the incredible pleasure, this weekend, of seeing The Glass Menagerie at the American Repertory Theater with my new co-workers from The Theater Offensive, and thanks to our youth troupe, True Colors, we got to take part in a Talkback with the cast after the show! The cast – Cherry Jones, Zachary Quinto, CeliaContinue reading “#292; The Glass Menagerie at A.R.T.”

#289; musings from bed

Minds out of the gutter! I’ve spent the week sick in bed. Today I finally got back to work after a doctor-imposed house arrest, only to have the day cut short thanks to the snowstorm. Needless to say, I’ve been doing a lot of random, sleepy musing over the last few days! After two monthsContinue reading “#289; musings from bed”

#287; 90’s Nostalgia

I’ve been doing a major marathon re-watch of the cult classic “Daria”. Mtv aired the realistic, sarcasm-based cartoon about the fictional town of Lawndale from 1997 to 2002. It’s been great to reconnect with characters I loved as a kid (I was in 7th grade when it premiered. I desperately wanted to be as coolContinue reading “#287; 90’s Nostalgia”