#151; let the frenzy begin

It’s officially that time of year again folks – Halloween costumes, grown adults behaving like frat boys of the worst taste, and novelists hyperventilating over their laptops in coffee shops around the world. Yes, it’s the end of October. I’ve already attended my first meet-up with 757 Wrimos and we’ve got write-ins and motivations planned throughout the sprint to... Continue Reading →

#150; District Sweet District

I’m blogging, as we speak, from the porch of my best friends in this world. Aubrilee & CaptainCourage have taken us in for the nigh.t and I couldn’t be happier. I’m home! I’m in Petworth! Green Line! Porch sitting! Best friends! I’ll be back in the 757 by tomorrow night, but until then, this girl... Continue Reading →

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